WTBU Podcasts Are Here // Godcast

WTBU Podcasts are here! Go on our SoundCloud to check out some amazing work done by WTBU Podcast-ers.


Godcast is the first podcast produced by WTBU. Read on to learn more about the creator, Danielle Isbell.


Danielle is earning her Masters of Theological Studies at Boston University with focuses on poetry, feminism, theology, and conflict transformation. She continually finds herself in conversations about people’s religious upbringing in the most unlikely of places, and in these surprising instances, she has long sensed a hunger in people to talk openly about what makes (or made) their world make sense. Her desire to start podcasting is born from her belief that public conversations about meaning, religion, and conflict matter.  Because she has experienced religion as both life-giving and painfully splitting, she decided it was important to dedicate a few years of her life studying theology. She is about to graduate and figured none of it out.

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