Prospective graduate students

PhD Student Opportunities

I will consider highly motivated, intellectually strong students with interests in the integrative biology of early life stages and excellent potential for funding their own research. I am particularly interested in students who bring diverse perspectives to the lab and who would clearly benefit from the specific expertise, perspective, and learning environment that I can offer. If you are interested in the lab, I suggest you start by reading some of our recent publications and consider why you are interested in my lab in particular. Feel free to contact current and former students to ask about my lab, Boston University, and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. I also suggest you contact me (Prof. Karen Warkentin) directly for an initial assessment of your fit for the lab and the lab’s fit for you before submitting a formal application to the graduate program. I will not be actively seeking new students until some of my current students graduate and will only consider candidates who are an exceptionally good fit.

When you email me, please include your CV, transcript (unofficial is fine), and tell me why you are interested in working in my lab and how it relates to your overall goals and prior experience.

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