Team Treefrog 2017 at Gamboa Schoolhouse before a night of frogging

Undergraduate research in the Warkentin Lab

The Warkentin lab offers research internships at Boston University during the academic year and summer internships in Gamboa, Panama, at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) and sometimes also in Costa Rica. BU students often first join the lab as volunteers, and some progress to do research-for-credit, senior theses, and/or summer research funded through the BU Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. Latin American and US undergraduates and recent graduates are often supported on NSF-funded research projects. As a STRI Research Associate, Warkentin also mentors STRI-funded Interns and Fellows, as well as students who have funding from their own institutions. Interns typically participate in larger lab projects and often conduct their own smaller projects individually or in partnerships.

Team Treefrog 2018 collecting eggs at the Experimental Pond

Prior Interns and their projects