Accounting for Greenhouse Gasses and Energy Use in Tompkins County, NY

Project Partner: Consulting with The CADMUS Group for the Tompkins County Department of Planning and Sustainability, Summer 2020

Project Summary: Greenhouse gas and energy inventories are crucial to understanding the sources and types of climate change-inducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as tracking changes over time. Anita worked with The CADMUS Group on the Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the Community (i.e., non-governmental) Sector of Tompkins County, New York. She authored the final Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report in conjunction with a comprehensive methodology, which detailed the quantitative approach used to report the Community Sector’s emissions. Tompkins County will utilize the final Inventory to track its progress in achieving its climate initiative’s goals to reduce County-wide emissions.

Project Deliverables: 2019 Tompkins County Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Use Inventory (link for executive summary or the full report). The Methodology is available upon request from Tompkins County.

Title page of the report that Anita authored for Tompkins County, NY.