Mentorship and Advising

BU URBAN is committed to helping you succeed in graduate school and beyond. Mentorship and advising are key ingredients for graduate students to thrive. While all trainees have access to Faculty Advisors, Committees, departmental staff, and other allies across the university, BU URBAN provides an additional layer of mentorship and advising support through the Program Director and Program Manager Here’s how:

Pastries with Pam. Director Pam Templer invites all trainees to join her for pastries and informal conversation! This event takes place once per semester and will be announced through the TRAINEE TRIBUNE.

Semester Group Check-in’s: Each semester, the Program Manager organizes small-group meetings for all trainees to check in and share updates on their research, professional development, science communication, and partnership-related activities. Each trainee is requested to participate in one (1) group check-in each semester. See TRAINEE TRIBUNE emails for the link to sign up.

Weekly Zoom Office Hours: The Program Manager hosts weekly Zoom drop-in office hours. Stop by to say hi, ask questions, or share updates! See TRAINEE TRIBUNE for this semester’s hours and zoom link.

One-on-one Meetings: The Program Manager’s dynamic availability can be found here. Trainees can book zoom meetings or phone calls at any time, for any reason.