For Current Students

The tips below and the pages under the For Current Students tab are designed to help you succeed in BU URBAN. Community Resources available to the entire student community can be found here.

Stay current! For the most up-to-date BU URBAN activities and events of interest, please see our News and Events and subscribe to our weekly URBAN UPDATE newsletter. Student-authored news pieces, news about the accomplishments of our trainees and faculty, and reports of BU URBAN activities are also found in the news section of our website.

Stay connected! Ask Heather Ho (Program Manager, to join the BU URBANites Slack channel just for trainees.

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Keep us updated! If you know of relevant upcoming events on campus or elsewhere, we want to know so we can share then with the community. If you have any newsworthy items (e.g. you won an award, published a paper, presented at a conference), please tell us so we can post it on our website and in our newsletter! Please send all content to Heather Ho (Program Manager,

Stay on track! A full explanation of BU URBAN training elements can be found here.

    Other questions? Review the trainee handbook or reach out to Pamela Templer (Program Director, or Heather Ho (Program Manager,