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Interview #37

In this story, you will meet a young girl who never had to work, ride public transportation by herself, or pay a bill in her whole life until her parents and siblings had to flee the country. She shares the challenges she faced while living in Turkey all alone and how she crossed the Mexican […]

Interview #20

Deciding to flee Turkey right after giving birth to her baby wasn’t the hardest thing in her story. Confronting her sea phobia in a small boat and watching her husband fell off into the sea while fleeing was not, either. Yet, this is not a story of a mother only, but also the story of […]

Interview #28

Story of a woman who was dismissed and who had to discontinue her education due to safety concerns. When she and her husband decided to flee Turkey through Evros River, they told their little daughter that they would show up in the Survivor show and pass through challenges. When they saw their daughter getting so […]

Interview #03

Story of a government employee who was jailed for 10 months for having a messaging app on her phone. She talks about her time in jail, how her two sons were affected from the events and how they decided to take the big risk of fleeing the country after she was released. At the time […]