Special Episodes

Thanksgiving – Special Episode

This Thanksgiving, we tell stories of strong women who went through numerous heartbreaks but managed to heal themselves. They are capable of loving, sharing, helping others, fighting through hardships and still feeling thankful toward the giving of life.

July 15, 2019: Third Anniversary of Turkey’s Coup Attempt

Today is July 15, 2019. Three years ago, at this night, a coup attempt happened in Turkey. The attempt failed, but thousands of lives were altered forever.

This special episode is about four women’s memory of that night. For safety concerns, all of the names in this episode are alias. Some of the voiceovers you will hear also have similar experiences and are the survivors of that night.

Father’s Day

This special episode is about absence of fathers and children healing from it and finding ways to remember them.

Eid in Prison

This special episode is about how Eid is celebrated in jail and how all inmates cheered each other up although the conditions were very harsh.

English Translation of the Piece:
We had two eids there (in prison) away from our families; Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. It was really hard. We all tried to make our inner pains not noticeable so that we would not make each other feel down. If one person gets upset, that would make all of us upset. Because of this, we did our best to look joyful. One of our friends in her 50s was like a mother to us. On the morning of Eid, she made the breakfast ready for us, took tables outside and woke us up. It was really hard there, the conditions were harsh, and accusations were serious. The only thing that embellished everything was the people. I met many nice and kindhearted people there.