17: Direct and Indirect Finance

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Lec 17-1: FT: Shadow banking

FT article link

Jimmy Stewart banking

Lec 17-2: Bagehot’s World: separation of money markets and capital markets

Lec 17-3: The New World: integration of money markets and capital markets

Lec 17-4: Funding liquidity versus market liquidity

Moulton I

Moulton II

Moulton III

Moulton IV

Lec 17-5: Digression: Schumpeter on banking and economic development

Lewis Model

Henry Dunning McLeod

Joseph Schumpeter’s Theory of Economic Development

Lec 17-6: Payment versus funding

Lec 17-7: Reading: Gurley and Shaw

Lec 17-8: Financial evolution: indirect finance to direct finance

Lec 17-9: Banking evolution: loan-based credit to market-based credit

Lec 17-10: Preview: Central banking and shadow banking