13: Chartallism, Metallism, and Key Currencies

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Lec 13-1: FT: Autonomy of Bank of Japan

FT article link

Lec 13-2: Key Currencies as a Hierarchical System

Federal Reserve Economic Data

Lec 13-3: What is Money? Chartalism versus Metallism

Schumpeter, History of Economic Analysis

Knapp, State Theory of Money

Braudel, Wheels of Commerce

Lec 13-4:Chartalism as a theory of money

Lec 13-5: Quantity Theory of Money

Lec 13-6: Purchasing Power Parity

Lec 13-7: Metallism as a theory of money

Lec 13-8: A Money View of International Payments, FX Dealers

Lec 13-9: Chartallism, Metallism, and the Money View compared

Lec 13-10: Private and Public Money: A Hybrid System

Lec 13-11: Hybridity in FX Market-making