From November 2010 to October 2012, I wrote a regular blog called The Money View that was published on the website of the Institute for New Economic Thinking.   (Archive can be downloaded here.  Warning:  106 posts, 187 pages!)

The idea of the blog was to use the conceptual framework that I had developed in my teaching to comment on the financial events of the day.  I already had lots of practice doing exactly that in the class itself, where I challenge myself to begin every single lecture with an impromptu ten minute discussion of some article in that day’s Financial Times.  The original idea of the blog was simply to translate that impromptu lecture to the web, by writing it down and producing little blackboard videos using a tablet and the free software Sankore.  It was an experiment.

Over time, the blog evolved.  Daniel Neilson joined, sometimes we had guest bloggers, and we also produced other kinds of content.  It was a very intense and vital experience, but in October 2012 it got to be too much.  That fall, INET was filming my course and the discipline of producing two filmable lectures every week simply crowded out the blog.  And then September 2013 saw the launch of the course as a MOOC on Coursera, and I put all my spare effort into making that a success.

Now the MOOC is a success, so it is time to restart the blog.  The blog stands on its own, as before, but now the MOOC serves as backstop for those who want a deeper and more structured introduction to the money view approach.  And for all those who have done the MOOC already, the blog provides a continuing stream of new content, money view commentary on current financial news and developments.

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