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Financialization versus Development? A money view of the 2015 UNCTAD Report

The BIS and the IMF have each weighed in from the center, representing the perspectives of central banks and central Treasuries respectively.  (Interestingly, they don’t agree, see here for a recent sample of the debate.)  Now comes the periphery.  The new Trade and Development Report of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development is titled “Making […]

China’s Rocky Road Ahead, Financial Liberalization versus Financial Stability

A summary of the 3rd annual joint conference of the People’s Bank of China and the International Monetary Fund offers a snapshot of the state of debate.  So-called “renminbi internationalization” has been official policy since 2009.  By the end of this year, expect to see the launch of a new “China International Payments System” to facilitate […]

Old economic thinking is the problem, says BIS

The 85th Annual Report of the BIS is not perhaps the obvious first choice for beach-reading on a holiday weekend, but having read through its 119 pages, the core message reminds me of nothing so much as the most memorable line of the 40-year-old summer blockbuster “Jaws”:  “You’re going to need a bigger boat.” Notwithstanding everything […]