Editor’s Farewell

(Left to Right) Luke DeTore, Jessica Lee, Mariana Cabrera, Madison Dudley, Eduard Miska, Sophia Coleman, Christina Duran, Bridget Fahy – May 2022

Dear Reader,

A year ago, the Pardee Atlas: Journal of Global Affairs was founded by a group of intellectually curious and passionate graduate students. While I had originally planned on being a member of the Editorial Board, I accepted an opportunity to be the inaugural Editor-in-Chief of the publication. Creating a new student organization is a challenging process, one which requires outside the box thinking, persistence, and a strong team all motivated to produce a quality final product. The entire group of founders (Madison Dudley, Sophia Coleman, Jessica Lee, and Mariana Cabrera) have dedicated hours to the Atlas and have laid the framework for the publication’s future. Future Editorial Board members would be wise to emulate the mentality and positive character they brought with them to the Atlas. The organization has developed a healthy editorial camaraderie, where opposing views and all perspectives are heard. This esprit de corps is what makes the Atlas a true extension of the Pardee Graduate community. I want to thank the founders for all they have done and wish them luck on all future endeavors. I also want to thank the other members of the Editorial Board and Staff who are graduating (Shamim Butt-Garcia, Morgan Cassidy, Luke DeTore, and Clayton Shive) for all of their dedication and hard work on the Atlas. While you may not have been a part of the founding team, your addition during the academic year was a benefit to the organization’s growth and development. 

The next Editor-in-Chief of the Atlas will be Christina Duran, a current Editorial Board member who brings years of professional experience to the organization’s helm. Christina, I look forward to seeing all of your accomplishments as leader of the publication. Good luck and Godspeed!

We live in a challenging world filled with problems that are constantly arising and constantly being solved. The Atlas is but one outlet for the problem solvers to express their ideas on how to improve humankind. I am honored to have been the inaugural Editor-in-Chief of such an outlet. 

Signing Off,

Eduard J. Miska