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PAMLabbies at LSA 2023

By PAMLabSeptember 28th, 2022in Conferences, Faculty, Presentations, Students

Kudos to junior Linguistics major Sam Rigor (CAS '24) and recent alum Kate Fraser (CAS '22) on their acceptances to the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA 2023), to take place in January!

Sam will present the poster "Coronal stop deletion in Asian American speech: Effects of phonology, ethnicity, and language use" (co-authored with Prof. Chang).

Kate will present the talk "Perception of Asian American identity in speech: The role of listener background and ideology" (co-authored with Prof. Chang).

Congratulations to all!

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Chang & Ahn at PLM2022

By PAMLabSeptember 4th, 2022in Conferences, Faculty, Presentations

Prof. Chang is giving a talk this week at the 51st Poznań Linguistic Meeting (PLM2022)! His talk (co-authored with Prof. Sunyoung Ahn, University of Manitoba) is entitled "Societal context and the development of emotion words in bilingual children" and is in the thematic session "Multilingual ecologies in a comparative perspective: Well-being of speakers, social practices and challenges to linguistic diversity" on Saturday, September 10.

Kellogg, Chang at PsyNom22

Congratulations to PhD student Jackson Kellogg and Prof. Chang on their acceptance to the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society (PsyNom22), to take place in Boston this November!

Jackson will give a talk entitled "Exploring the onset of phonetic drift in perception" (co-authored with Prof. Chang) on Friday morning in Session 13: Speech Perception I (10am-12pm).

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Kpogo, Kellogg at BUCLD47

Congratulations to PhD students Felix Kpogo and Jackson Kellogg on their acceptances to the upcoming BUCLD (BUCLD 47), to take place this November!

Felix will co-present the poster "Minimizing complexity while maintaining the grammar: The case of diminutives in heritage Twi" (co-authored with Prof. Chang) with fellow PhD student Alex Kohut in the Friday afternoon poster session.

Jackson will co-present the poster "Language-specific infant babbling patterns in Kabyle Berber" with fellow PhD students Dalila Gaoua and Jupitara Ray, also in the Friday afternoon poster session.

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Paper in JASA-EL

By PAMLabJune 8th, 2022in Faculty, Publications, Students

A paper entitled "Intoxication and pitch control in tonal and non-tonal language speakers" (Tang, Chang, Green, Bao, Hindley, Kim, & Nevins, 2022) has been published in the open-access journal JASA Express Letters.

Abstract: Alcohol intoxication is known to affect pitch variability in non-tonal languages. In this study, intoxication's effects on pitch were examined in tonal and non-tonal language speakers, in both their native language (L1; German, Korean, Mandarin) and nonnative language (L2; English). Intoxication significantly increased pitch variability in the German group (in L1 and L2), but not in the Korean or Mandarin groups (in L1 or L2), although there were individual differences. These results support the view that pitch control is related to the functional load of pitch and is an aspect of speech production that can be advantageously transferred across languages, overriding the expected effects of alcohol.

This study followed Open Science practices, and all materials and data are publicly accessible via the Open Science Framework at

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