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Barnes at SP2020

Prof. Barnes will be presenting joint work (with Drs. Alejna Brugos, Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel, and Nanette Veilleux) on "How prosodic prominence influences fricative spectra in English" at this week's International Conference on Speech Prosody (Speech Prosody 2020), hosted virtually by the University of Tokyo.

Welcome to this summer’s labbies!

By PAMLabMay 8th, 2020in Students

Welcome to the three students who will be joining the lab this summer (virtually):

  • Nolan Holley (interning from June 8 to August 21) is a rising junior double-majoring in Mathematics and Russian at Williams College. His interests are in phonetics, pronunciation, sound change, language evolution, and language acquisition.
  • Lena Venkatraman (interning from May 18 to August 21) is a rising junior majoring in Linguistics at Yale University. Her interests are in phonetics and phonology, second (and additional) language acquisition, and the multilingual mind.
  • Yanwan Zhu (interning from June 1 to July 31) is a rising senior double-majoring in Linguistics and Statistical & Data Sciences at Smith College. Her interests are in language acquisition, bilingualism, phonetics, language attrition, and language change.

And a warm welcome back to Michael, Felix, and Kevin!

Congrats to UROP recipient Michael Fang

Congratulations to Michael Fang, who was awarded an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) grant -- specifically, a Humanities Scholars Award -- to continue working on research in Summer 2020! Below is a brief description of the project he will be working on:

  • Jiangnan (Michael) Fang: “De-linking between words in conversational English by native speakers of Mandarin”

In Summer 2020, Michael will acoustically analyze speech recordings from interviews with native Mandarin speakers who learned English as a second language, with a focus on their production of connected speech phenomena such as resyllabification and glottalization.

PAMLab at LSA 2020

By PAMLabDecember 29th, 2019in Conferences, Faculty, Presentations, Students

Lab affiliates past and present will be represented on presentations at this week's Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting (LSA 2020) in New Orleans!

Lab alumna Megan Brown is giving a talk, "Grammatical gender acquisition in sequential trilinguals: Influence of a gendered L1 vs. L2", in the Saturday afternoon session Sociolinguistics V: Multilingual and Monolingual Variation (2:30pm, Royal).

Prof. Lindsey is on the poster "Investigating the phonetics-phonology interface with field data: Assessing phonological specification through acoustic trajectories" (with Christian Brickhouse) in the Friday afternoon plenary poster session (10:30am-12:00pm, St. James' Ballroom).

Michael Fang at UROP Symposium

By PAMLabOctober 13th, 2019in Presentations, Students

Summer RA Michael Fang (CAS '21) will present a poster ("Investigating first-language interference in linking and de-linking English words for native Mandarin speakers") at the 22nd annual Boston University UROP Symposium this Friday, October 18 (11am-1pm, GSU Metcalf Ballroom).

PAMLab at NWAV 48

By PAMLabOctober 6th, 2019in Conferences, Faculty, Presentations

Profs. Erker and Lindsey are headed to the University of Oregon for presentations at this week's New Ways of Analyzing Variation conference (NWAV 48)!

Prof. Erker is giving a talk in the Friday morning Constraints session: "Is lexical frequency overrated?" (9:45am, EMU Cedar & Spruce).

Prof. Lindsey is on two presentations: the first is part of the Thursday morning workshop Variation off the Beaten Track: Expanding Our Understanding of Social Structures (10:00-11:45am, EMU Crater Lake N), while the second (with Katherine Anne Strong and Prof. Katie Drager) is in the Friday morning What's So Standard about Standards? special session ("Linking prestige with power: Gender, oration, and variable affrication in Ende", 8:55am, EMU Gumwood).

Welcome to this fall’s labbies!

By PAMLabSeptember 14th, 2019in Students

Welcome to the current Linguistics students who've joined the lab this semester:

  • Felix Kpogo (BU GRS '23) is a second-year PhD student in Linguistics. His interests are in first and second language acquisition (in particular, phonological and lexical acquisition), bilingualism, and African/Ghanaian languages such as Akan, Ga, and Ewe. His previous research examined Akan-English bilinguals' production of English interdental fricatives (Kpogo & Gathercole, in press). Currently, he is working on a qualifying paper about covert contrast in Ga-speaking children as well as Ga-English bilingual children.
  • Kevin Samejon (BU GRS '24) is a first-year PhD student in Linguistics. His interests are in phonetics, phonology, speech production and perception, prosody, semantics, and Philippine languages.
  • Rui Xu (BU GRS '20) is a second-year MA student in Linguistics. Her interests primarily lie in phonology, syntax, language acquisition, and multilingualism.

And a warm welcome back to Michael as he finishes up work on his UROP project!