Welcome! You’ve reached the website of the Phonetics, Acquisition & Multilingualism Lab (PAMLab), a research cluster in the Department of Linguistics at Boston University.

The name of the lab reflects our research foci: phonetics (physical aspects of language sounds), language acquisition (learning and development), and the psycholinguistics of multilingualism (command/use of more than one language, broadly construed). In particular, we study the intersection of these three areas: the development of speech production and perception in multiple languages over an individual’s lifespan.

Our studies take place in Room 117 of 617 Commonwealth Avenue on Boston University’s Charles River Campus. Participation typically consists of filling out a background questionnaire and completing language tasks that involve speaking into a microphone and/or listening to audio recordings over headphones.

For further information on our work or to inquire about current studies you could participate in, please feel free to contact us by email or phone or visit us in person.

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