Interested in joining the lab?

Current BU students (undergraduate or graduate) can join the lab as a research assistant (RA) on a volunteer basis, for academic credit, or for a stipend. If you are interested in joining the lab as an RA, please apply to Dr. Chang directly by email with:

  1. a copy of your CV/résumé
  2. a summary of relevant coursework (e.g., an unofficial transcript)
  3. a short statement about your interests in linguistics (especially as regards the research foci of the lab: phonetics, language acquisition, and multilingualism)

For BU undergraduate students, funding is usually obtained through the BU Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). If interested in UROP, be sure to discuss this with Dr. Chang well in advance of the early application deadlines (early September for Fall UROP; early December for Spring UROP; early March for Summer UROP). Alternatively, federal Work-Study students may complete an RA-ship in the lab as their Work-Study job. If interested in doing Work-Study at the lab, take note of BU’s undergraduate financial aid application deadlines as well (including the March 15 deadline for Summer Work-Study).

For BU graduate students, the availability of funded RA positions varies by semester. These are usually for a time commitment that does not exceed 25-30% FTE (i.e., 10-12 hours/week), and Work-Study students are given preference. If interested in doing Work-Study at the lab, take note of BU’s graduate financial aid application deadlines (including the March 15 deadline for Summer Work-Study).

BU students in the Department of Linguistics may conduct thesis or course-related research in the lab. If you have an idea for a thesis or course project that might benefit from lab resources, please meet with Dr. Chang to tell him more about your proposed project.

Non-BU students may also intern in the lab on a volunteer basisIf you are interested in being a volunteer intern, please apply to Dr. Chang directly with the information above, a description of your funding situation in the case of a summer internship (e.g., whether you have already obtained summer research funding from your home university), as well as your intended time commitment (note that we ask for a minimum commitment of 75 hours total, i.e. approximately 5 hours/week during the fall or spring semester and 6 hours/week during the summer).

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