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Paper in POMA

A paper entitled “Unity and diversity in Asian American language variation: Data from Chinese, Filipino, Korean, and Vietnamese Americans” (Chang & Dionne, 2022) has been published in the open-access journal Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics. Abstract: The present study examined sociophonetic variation in a small sample of Asian Americans in Boston, Massachusetts representing four ethnic groups: Chinese, […]

Paper in JASA-EL

A paper entitled “Intoxication and pitch control in tonal and non-tonal language speakers” (Tang, Chang, Green, Bao, Hindley, Kim, & Nevins, 2022) has been published in the open-access journal JASA Express Letters. Abstract: Alcohol intoxication is known to affect pitch variability in non-tonal languages. In this study, intoxication’s effects on pitch were examined in tonal and non-tonal […]

Paper in PLoS ONE (Lopiccolo & Chang)

A paper entitled “Cultural factors weaken but do not reverse left-to-right spatial biases in numerosity processing: Data from Arabic and English monoliterates and Arabic-English biliterates” (Lopiccolo & Chang, 2021) has been published in the open-access journal PLoS ONE. Abstract: Directional response biases due to a conceptual link between space and number, such as a left-to-right hand bias for […]

Paper in Applied Linguistics (Ahn & Chang)

A paper entitled “Emotion word development in bilingual children living in majority and minority contexts” (Ahn & Chang, 2022) has been published in Applied Linguistics. Abstract: The lexicon of emotion words is fundamental to interpersonal communication. To examine how emotion word acquisition interacts with societal context, the present study investigated emotion word development in three groups of child […]

Kpogo in JALL

PhD student Felix Kpogo just published an article entitled “Acquisition of doubly articulated stops among Ga-speaking children” (Kpogo, Gathercole, & Tetteh, 2021) in the Journal of African Languages and Linguistics! Abstract: This study investigates the acquisition of labio-velar stops by Ga-speaking children in Ghana. Such stops were elicited in initial, intervocalic, and pre-lateral positions through a […]

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Chang in Cambridge Handbook of Heritage Languages and Linguistics

A review chapter entitled “Phonetics and phonology of heritage languages” (Chang, 2021) has been published in The Cambridge Handbook of Heritage Languages and Linguistics, edited by Profs. Silvina Montrul and Maria Polinsky. Abstract: This chapter provides an overview of research on heritage language (HL) sound systems, with a focus on areas of convergence and divergence among heritage […]

Paper in Languages (Chang & Kwon)

A paper entitled “The contributions of crosslinguistic influence and individual differences to nonnative speech perception” (Chang & Kwon, 2020) has been published in the “Exploring Cross-linguistic Effects and Phonetic Interactions in the Context of Bilingualism” special issue of Languages, guest-edited by Dr. Mark Amengual. Abstract: Perception of a nonnative language (L2) is known to be affected by crosslinguistic […]

Kpogo in International Journal of Bilingualism

Congratulations to third-year PhD student Felix Kpogo on the publication of his article “The influence of native English-speaking environment on Akan-English bilinguals’ production of English inter-dental fricatives” (with Virginia Gathercole) in the August 2020 issue of the International Journal of Bilingualism! Felix Kpogo & Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole: “The influence of native English-speaking environment on […]

Chapter in Oxford Handbook of Language Attrition

A review chapter entitled “Phonetic drift” (Chang, 2019) has been published in The Oxford Handbook of Language Attrition, edited by Profs. Monika Schmid and Barbara Köpke. Abstract: This chapter provides an overview of research on the phonetic changes that occur in one’s native language (L1) due to recent experience in another language (L2), a phenomenon known as […]

Paper on L3 tone perception in JASA

A paper entitled “Perception of nonnative tonal contrasts by Mandarin-English and English-Mandarin sequential bilinguals” (Chan & Chang, 2019) has been published in the August issue of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. This paper describes the L3 tone perception study presented at BUCLD 42, which was completed as part of the requirements for I Lei (Vicky) Chan’s […]