Participate in a study!


Requirements: age 18+, native speaker of English who does not speak any other languages (if you have studied or been exposed to another language but would not consider yourself an advanced/proficient speaker, you may still qualify), with no history of speech or hearing issues.

This is a computer-based study which involves listening to words in another language and completing various response tasks. You will choose one week of October 2022 during which you will schedule a series of sessions in the lab, approximately 10-15 minutes each and totaling about 2 hours overall. If you complete the experiment, you will be compensated $45 via an electronic Amazon gift card.

For more information or to determine whether you are eligible for the study, email Jackson Kellogg at

In general, our studies take place in Room 117 of 617 Commonwealth Avenue on Boston University’s Charles River Campus. Participation in a study typically consists of filling out a background questionnaire and completing language tasks that involve speaking into a microphone and/or listening to audio recordings over headphones.

Please contact the lab if you’re interested in participating in one of our current studies.

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