Eating Disorders Research

Dr. Quatromoni maintains an ongoing commitment to research and scholarly activity related to the treatment and prevention of eating disorders. She has specific expertise related to eating disorders in sport, having developed the sports nutrition consult service for Boston University student-athletes in 2004. She is engaged in qualitative research with colleagues in sport psychology on onset and recovery from eating disorders among collegiate athletes. She is committed to publishing case studies and speaking a conferences to contribute to the evidence-base of best practices for eating disorder treatment and prevention. In partnership with Walden Behavioral Care, Dr. Quatromoni created the Walden GOALS program, one of only three eating disorder treatment programs specifically designed for competitive athletes in the country.

Ongoing research and clinical training initiatives in eating disorder treatment and prevention are made possible through Dr. Quatromoni’s partnership with Walden Behavioral Care. As well, Dr. Quatromoni and her students support the activities of the Walden Center for Education and Research , the non-profit arm of Walden Behavioral Care that provides community-based health promotion programming in schools to lower risks and prevent the development of eating disorders.

Paula Quatromoni and David Proctor (SAR ’08) present:
Athletes & Eating Disorders: An Olympic Hopeful Shares His Journey
from Walden Behavioral Care