The Foxboro Model for Lifestyle Nutrition and Physical Fitness

for Students in Grades 1-8

Dr. Quatromoni is a consultant to several Boston-area Foxboro.students in classpublic school districts as they work to develop, implement and refine their school Wellness Policies that address nutrition education, physical education, and the school food environment. Foxborough, MA made a district-wide policy change that mandated nutrition education as the cornerstone of its health education curriculum for students in grades 1 through 8. With funding from the Aetna Foundation, Dr. Quatromoni built an integrated nutrition education curriculum consisting of 6-9 annual nutrition lessons for each grade, along with pre- and post-curriculum assessments to measure student learning and retention of knowledge gained. This partnership continued when subsequently, the KickinNutrition.TV project was funded and Foxborough signed on to participate in the testing of the digital nutrition education program in its sixth grade bus

The Specific Aims of the Foxborough Nutrition Education study were to develop and test the effectiveness of a comprehensive nutrition education curriculum for students in grades 1 through 8. Nutrition knowledge, food choice behaviors, physical fitness and school performance were outcome measures of interest.