Gastronomy at Boston University

Become an expert in a subject that crosses all boundaries and affects every person and culture on the planet: food.

Founded in 1991 by culinary legends Julia Child and Jacques Pépin, our trailblazing programs, including the Master of Arts in Gastronomy and the Food Studies Graduate Certificate, offer unique opportunities to develop, refine, and master your understanding of food and the many needs it fulfills in the world around us.

We offer flexible scheduling, including options for online, part-time, fulltime, and international students. The wide range of educational backgrounds and professional experiences that our students bring to our programs enrich the classroom experience for all.

  • Multidisciplinary Approach: The master’s in Gastronomy immerses you in a variety of academic perspectives—anthropology, arts, humanities, and social sciences—developing a comprehensive view of society and food throughout history and honing your command of food scholarship. You can also opt to focus your studies in History & Culture, Business & Entrepreneurship, Communications, or Food Policy.
  • Prime Location: Boston is a culinary melting pot, with many diverse communities and historic neighborhoods. From traditional New England fare to worldwide ethnic cuisines, the city is a hotbed for innovative food and restaurant culture. Get a taste out on the town or by attending BU’s Seminars in Food & Wine.
  • Hands-On Training: BU’s Gastronomy degree program is the only one in the country that gives you a chance to blend academics with hands-on practice. Customize your degree with the chef-taught Certificate Program in the Culinary Arts or BU’s Certificate Program in Wine Studies, among other Programs in Food & Wine.
  • World-Class Faculty: Benefit from the resources and expertise of Boston University’s diverse academic departments, renowned food scholars, visiting faculty, wine and spirits experts, and accomplished industry professionals. You’ll build valuable networks in class or while attending forums like the Pépin Lecture Series.
  • Meaningful Careers: Successful completion of the master’s degree in Gastronomy or the Graduate Certificate in Food Studies opens the door to a variety of rewarding careers and networks. Gastronomy alumni work in many fields, including food marketing, recipe development, food policy, academia, and the media.