E-Portfolio Information

Beginning in the Fall of 2019, as part of the Department of Applied Social Science’s ongoing efforts to assess program learning outcomes, incoming students will be required to maintain an e-portfolio of the work they produce throughout their master’s or certificate program. E-portfolios offer all programs within the Department of Applied Social Sciences the opportunity to collect samples of student work in one place for assessment purposes. E-portfolios are accessible to all students regardless of method of course delivery or modality, class size, or the student’s or instructor’s departmental affiliation.  The faculty view portfolios as a tool to measure how well we are meeting our collective goals for student progress; we hope you view it as a chance to capture and showcase your best work demonstrating the core competencies you’ve developed throughout your program.

Maintaining an e-portfolio is simple and requires little additional work. Throughout your program you will be asked to upload assignments of your choosing to your portfolio. The assignments you select will be used to demonstrate you have met one or more of your program’s learning outcomes. For example, you might upload a research paper from a core course to demonstrate written communication skills or a recorded presentation to demonstrate verbal communication skills. Faculty within each course will remind you of which assignments might best meet certain learning outcomes. You can change your choices at any time.

The portfolio must be completed as a requirement for graduation or certificate completion, but the portfolio is yours to fill, shape, and maintain. You may elect to share your portfolio with potential employers or as part of a university application. Otherwise, the only people who will view the portfolio are members of the learning assessment team for your program. The information we obtain from your portfolio will only be used to assess whether students are meeting a program’s learning goals and objectives. Portfolios are not graded and will not be shared.

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Gastronomy E-Portfolio Instructions