Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Food Studies

Foodways, food policy and food access are deeply entwined with the global histories of inequality, racism, and exclusion. The Gastronomy Program at Boston University therefore believes that our work must draw attention to structural inequalities and work towards justice in our own field and in society. The Gastronomy Program embraces the values of diversity, inclusion and equity. As a community, we are committed to fostering an environment in which people of all backgrounds welcome and value each other’s perspectives and contributions to the field of Food Studies.

In acknowledgment of structural inequalities and their repercussions, we commit to applying principles of diversity, equity and inclusion in all areas of our work.

We will will report annual on our progress in applying these values in the administration of this program and use the report to shape future work. See our 2021 report here.


We offer the following resources for those who join us in this work.  Please contact us to suggest additions to these lists.

Statement Against Anti Black Racism From the Association for the Study of Food and Society 

Reading List for Learning About Race and Food (Epicurious)

Emily Contois’s Not Just for Black History Month reading list

Support Black and Minority Food Businesses

Black-Owned Restaurants in Greater Boston

Support Black Farmers/Distributors

Local Minority-owned Eateries

Primarily Black-owned business in Boston

Black-Owned Food Business

Antiracist food-related groups

The Okra Project

Civil Eats

Resources at Boston University

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Center for Antiracist Research

Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground

Boston University Equal Opportunity Office