Gastronomy Students Association

Image Credit: Jamin Drake Crossland

Under the direction of the all-student board, the Gastronomy Student Association (GSA) hosts events and fosters community spirit for students. While founded within the Master of Arts in Gastronomy and Food Studies Certificate programs, the GSA welcomes all students who are interested in the field of Food Studies. We host a variety of social and academic events, such as movie nights, potlucks, and themed discussions. This organization’s objective is to foster a supportive space in which students can more thoughtfully reflect and examine topics related to Food Studies outside of the classroom. 


Our mission is to offer resources for students that are interested in Food Studies to achieve their academic goals, connect with one another, and provide resources related to the field.


We acknowledge that we have created this organization on stolen land belonging to the Massachusetts tribe.


This organization aims to be a safe space for all of its members. We do not condone any form of harassment, especially along the lines of gender, sexuality, race, class, religion, ability, etc. With that being said, if any student feels unsafe or uncomfortable with any actions that occur within the organization, they should reach out to a member of the gastronomy leadership to address the situation.


We work to actively support food systems that prioritize, uplift, and empower marginalized communities along lines of race, class, gender, sexuality, and ability. We commit to challenging racist, white supremacist rhetoric in all food systems and studies. We work to constantly reflect and challenge the ways in which we contribute to racist food systems.


Co-President Ferrante is a part-time student in  the Gastronomy program. Though her background is in Italian food history and sustainability, Dana finds a new, interdisciplinary interest in food each semester. Dana enjoys writing and using food as a vehicle to understand and develop empathy for people, the environment, and larger systems.
Co-President Elizabeth Weiler has many passions in life, but one of her main loves is sharing a meal. She would love nothing more than to facilitate more meal sharing in her role in the GSA. She would be happy to talk to you about her curse of lactose intolerance over a bowl of ice cream. Approaching her last term in the Gastronomy program, Elizabeth likes to focus on power dynamics in food systems.




Samantha Maxwell loves connecting with new people and their cultures over food. She’s passionate about writing that encourages others to expand their cultural and culinary horizons and fosters greater understanding between the different ways we eat and live our lives.
Mariá José Córdova is a Dallas-grown Boston transplant. Before the pandemic, María José was transitioning from working in agriculture to working in restaurants. Now, she finds herself as a part of the Gastronomy program and working with food in yet another way. As the Treasurer, María José hopes to coordinate the production of merchandise for the Gastronomy program’s community. Anyone interested in lending their artistic talent or ideas please drop a line at or @lentil_lady on Instagram.









Julia Fine is a certificate student interested in the intersections between food and environmental history. She has worked in a handful of DC museums on projects related to food history, including the Folger Shakespeare Library’s Before ‘Farm to Table’: Early Modern Foodways and Cultures project and Dumbarton Oaks’ Plant Humanities Project. In her free time, she often frequents DC’s cookbook store Bold Fork Books. She would love to connect with anyone in the program!


Amy Johnson joins the GSA team as Outreach Coordinator, which is essentially an excuse to exercise her extroverted nature. Focusing on student engagement, Amy will facilitate experiences for members of the Gastronomy community, including students, alumni and prospective applicants. Partnering with Marie-Louise on all things wine, Amy hopes to create a field of study steeped in both academia and oenology. She is a graduate of the University of Arizona holding dual degrees in Journalism and Anthropology.
















Questions? Contact the GSA at