Group News

Jeffries-El group at 50th Annual NOBCChE!

By Shambhavi TannirJune 27th, 2024

The Jeffries-EL group presented posters at the 2023 NOBCChE conference in fun New Orleans, as part of the 50th annual celebrations. Dez was awarded  NOBCChE Technical Sessions Award from Pfizer for Outstanding Poster Presentation in the Graduates Organic Division, GO DEZ!

Another publication on Blue emitting BBO-OLEDs!

By Shambhavi TannirJune 27th, 2024

Our latest work on blue and deep blue emitting BBO based OLEDs is out in Chemistry of Materials as part of the virtual special issue "In honor of Prof. Elsa Reichmanis". Congratulations to our postdoc, Dr. Tannir, Jeffries-EL group alumnus Dr. Chavez III, Masters student Greg and Profs Aimee &... More

Starting 2024 with a new publication on BBO-OLEDs!

By Shambhavi TannirFebruary 26th, 2024

Congrats to Jeffries-EL alumnus Dr. David Wheeler and co-authors for having his work on heterocycle-functionalized BBOs published in Materials Advances! Read about how we used the BBO core to synthesize fluorescent emitters spanning the color gamut from orange to blue, and their clever combination to design white emitting OLEDs here.

Diversity in Action, Fall 2022 features Chris!

By Shambhavi TannirOctober 6th, 2022

Chris is featured in the Fall 2022 issue of Diversity in Action, a digital and print publication dedicated to supporting and promoting diversity in science, technology, engineering, the arts and math. Have a look at the digital edition and read about Chris's work and motivation as a graduate student, along... More

Summer REU, Zee, shares her work!

By Shambhavi TannirNovember 7th, 2021

Zenzeale Hudson (Fort Valley State University) joined us via the REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) program for a fun and rewarding summer 2021. Zee gained hands on lab experience under her graduate mentor, Nicole Berry, and synthesized molecules for use in organic electronics. Check out her poster!

Nicole wins BU Award!

By Shambhavi TannirNovember 5th, 2021

Nicole Berry was awarded the prestigious Feldman Award for 2020/2021 which recognizes outstanding accomplishments in research, teaching or service. Congratulations!

Check out Ryan’s Poster!

By Shambhavi TannirNovember 5th, 2021

Ryan de Kock presented his summer research on non fullerene acceptors at the BU UROP Poster session, 2021. Ryan is continuing his work in the Jeffries-EL group in the fall, mentored by DeZhanae! Great job Ryan!