Materials for Organic Devices and Electronics (MODEL)


MODEL was established to help find alternative energy solutions and reduce energy consumption for various modern electronic technologies. Using our extensive glovebox system, our lab is designed to provide maximum efficiency – saving time and cost with fabrication and measurements. We welcome you to see how our facility can aid in your research.


For training, pricing, and general inquiries, please contact: (617) 358-1732 or by email:



Abet Custom Multiplexer for Photovoltaics

  • Quickly measure open-circuit voltage, short-circuit current, and power conversion efficiencies of PV devices
  • Equipped with solar-simulator and Keithley 2400 source meter
  • Custom patterned ITO substrates provide low resistivity during measurements with gold contacts
  • Contact for price/usage inquires

Angstrom NexDep Thermal Evaporator

  • Deposit various metals and organics on pre-cut substrates (substrate-limitations apply; contact for more details)
  • Create 50+ OPV or 80+ OLED devices in one cycle
  • Fully automatic capabilities with multi-layer deposition in under 60 minutes
  • Contact for price/usage inquires

Boekel Scientific UV Crosslinker

  • Encapsulate custom OLED devices in under 30 minutes
  • Curing cycle customization using time or energy presets
  • 254 nm and 368 nm bulb options available
  • Contact for price/usage and bulb option inquires

Digital luminance meter - LS-150, LS-160 - Konica Minolta - compact

Konica Minolta LS-160 Luminance Meter

  • Handheld system captures luminance using single or incremental methods.
  • Controlled by hand for or through software allows versatility for open or enclosed environments
  • Contact for price/usage inquiries

Ocean Optics HR2000+ Spectrometer

Ocean Optics HR2000+ Spectrometer

  • Capture electroluminescence of OLED devices in milliseconds
  • 0.1 nm resolution between 200-900 nm with integration times between 1 ms – 65 s
  • Fiber optic cable can be equipped with optional cosine corrector available for Lambertian measurements
  • Contact for price/usage inquires

OLED Lifetime System | Ossila

Ossila Automated Lifetime System

  • Measure JVL characteristics between +/- 10 V on 6 pixel OLED devices
  • Simultaneous lifetime data of 6 pixel-OLED devices
  • Complete automation saves time reducing need to manually switch parameters
  • Easy to use set-up with pre-patterned substrates
  • Contact for price/usage inquires

Spin Coater

Specialty Coating Systems, INC USA. G3P-8 spincoating systems

  • Evenly coat or layer materials on a variety of substrates at speeds ranging from 1-10,000 RPM
  • Coats under nitrogen atmosphere
  • For oxygen-sensitive materials/processes, try our glovebox-housed system
  • Contact for price inquires

Jelight UVO-Cleaner

  • UV-Ozone cleaner used in photovoltaic/LED fabrication easily changes the work function of ITO patterned substrates in minutes
  • Contact for price inquiries