Research on Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs)


Efficient blue-light emitting materials are highly sought after for use as active components in displays, and white light emitting diodes. In addition to the ability to emit blue-light, the materials HOMO and LUMO levels must be well aligned with the contacts used to make the for balanced charge injection and transport. Our group is developing novel cross-conjugated materials based on benzobisoxazoles that exhibit deep blue emission in solution and solid state. Although these materials were plagued by strong self-quenching in neat films, they exhibit good fluorescence with high external quantum efficiencies when blended with host molecules. This occurs with low concentrations ~2% of the emissive material which can lead to low cost OLEDs. This work is part of the BBO cruciform project supported by the NSF Division of Chemistry, CHE-1640298 (1413173).