Synthesis and Purification Equipment

Our synthesis lab is equipped with instruments and materials to help facilitate the production and purification of novel organic compounds. See below for equipment details.

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Anton-Paar Monowave 50 Reactor

  • High temperature-high pressure capabilities for multiple synthetic reactions.
  • Perform reactions in a variety of solvents up (~6 mL max).

You will need:

CombiFlash® Rf+

Teledyne CombiFlash ® Rf+ – Automated Column Chromatography System

  • Assists in purifying oils and solids using a variety of media
  • Dual-solvent eluent capabilities.

You will need:

Equipment – CiTOS

ThalesNano H-Cube Mini Flow Reactor

You will need:

  • Solvent (contact lab member for details on solvent grade).