Trevor Lamb

Ph.D. Student, Boston University

  • Title Ph.D. Student, Boston University
  • Education BA, University of Maine, 2017
    MA, University of New Brunswick, 2021

Areas of Interest

Coastal Hunter-Gatherers; the North; Subarctic and Arctic Archaeology; Alaska; Atlantic Canada; Northern New England; Cuisine; Pottery; Residue Analysis; Zooarchaeology; Paleoethnobotany; Phytolith Analysis; Starch Analysis; Stable Isotope Analysis; Lipid Analysis

Research Interests & Fieldwork

I am interested in how northern hunter-gatherers ate and, especially, how plants were incorporated into a diet dominated by fish and marine mammals. I have utilized a number of methods to reconstruct past meals from burnt residues adhered to pottery sherds. I am currently studying phytoliths preserved in burnt residues adhered to pottery from Kodiak Island, Alaska to understand what types of plants were eaten as food and what plants were added to rendered whale and seal oil for flavor and scent.

During the course of my MA at the University of New Brunswick I participated in the excavation of shell-midden sites on Passamaquoddy Bay, which spans Maine and New Brunswick. My research focused on organic residues adhered to pottery from these sites and I used stable isotope analysis and lipid analysis to understand how people cooked meals and rendered oil from fish.


Ancestral Alutiiq Foods Project, Alaska

Unalaska Sea Ice Project, Alaska


Lamb, Trevor W. 2018. Incised Lines: Mortuary Ceramics and Their Role in Defining Protohistoric Chronologies in the Far Northeast. Maine Archaeological Society Bulletin 59(1):41-58.

Papers Presented

Lamb, Trevor W. 2021. Ceramic Diversity in the Middle and Late Maritime Woodland Period (2200–950 B.P.) Quoddy Region. Paper presented at the 88th Annual Meeting of the Eastern States Archaeological Federation [virtual event].

Lamb, Trevor W. 2019. Etoli-Sehtacuwok: Vessel Use at the Middle and Late Woodland Period Reversing Falls Site, Cobscook Bay, Maine. Paper presented at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Conference on New England Archaeology, Castleton, VT.

Hrynick, M. Gabriel, A. Anderson, K. Patton, C. Brouillette, and T. Lamb. 2019. The Reversing Falls Site (80.15 ME), Pembroke, Maine: an Eroding Middle Woodland Site in a Unique Geological Setting. Paper presented at the 54th Annual Northeastern Section Meeting of the Geological Society of America, Portland, ME.

Lamb, Trevor W. 2018. Monhipomatomuwan: Examining Vessel Use in the Middle Woodland Quoddy Region (2200-1350 B.P.). Paper presented as part of Queen’s University Belfast’s Department of Archeology and Paleoecology Postgraduate Research Series, Belfast, UK.

Lamb, Trevor W. 2018. Incised Lines: Mortuary Ceramics and Their Role in Defining Protohistoric Chronologies in the Far Northeast 1900-1960. Paper presented at the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Washington D.C.

Technical Reports

Hrynick, M. Gabriel, A. Anderson, K. Patton, W.J. Webb, C. Brouillette, T. Lamb, and A. Pelletier-Michaud. 2019. Report on the 2017–2018 Universities of New Brunswick, Toronto, and New England Fieldwork in Washington County, Maine. Report submitted to the Maine Historic Preservation Commission and the Passamaquoddy Tribal Historic Preservation Office.

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