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Marston’s new book featured on CAS News

Check out the latest CAS Newsletter featuring Marston’s new book Agricultural Sustainability and Environmental Change at Ancient Gordion: Gordion Special Studies 8. Marston examines botanical remains from nine years of excavation at Gordion, synthesizing archaeobotanical works from previous seasons. This book makes Gordion one of the best published agricultural datasets from the entire Near East; allowing comparative work for fellow […]

Marston and West featured on “Indiana Jones: Myth, Reality and 21st Century Archaeology”

Dr. John Marston and Dr. Catherine West, both of Boston University’s Archaeology Department, have been featured on Voice America’s latest archaeology podcast “Indiana Jones: Myth, Reality and 21st Century Archaeology”. Interviewed by Dr. Schuldenrein, Marston and West discuss how their archaeological research is contributing, not only to questions of the past, but to contemporary and future issues of climate […]

Codlin research profiled by BU Research

Maria Codlin’s research on faunal remains from Teotihuacan is profiled as part of an interactive article on the BU Research website. Scroll down to the section “Meet the students” and click on Maria. She is also featured in a video accompanying the article, available on YouTube as well.

Review of 2015 Wood Charcoal Workshop

Smiti Nathan, doctoral candidate at NYU and participant in the 2015 Wood Charcoal Workshop at BU, writes about her experience on her blog Habits of a Traveling Archaeologist. Her post about the workshop can be found here.

BAKOTA flotation blog post and video

A new post by Kayla Pio (undergraduate student, University of Michigan) is available on the blog site of the Bronze Age Körös Off-Tell Archaeological (BAKOTA) project. Check out Kayla’s post and a demonstration of our flotation team in action! Also look for Pio and Marston’s poster at the 2016 SAA Meeting, titled “Food offerings and feasting […]

Goldfield research on Neanderthal cooking gains publicity

Anna Goldfield and Ross Booton’s (former volunteer, Environmental Archaeology Laboratory, and current Ph.D. student, University of Sheffield) recent poster presentation at the Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting used mathematical modeling to consider how differential rates of meat cooking between Neanderthals and Anatomically Modern Humans might lead to differential survival of the two species. It has gained considerable […]

Environmental Archaeology Lab Close Up in BU Today

Nami Shin (CAS’15) and John Marston, a CAS archaeology and anthropology assistant professor, examine ancient seeds from Turkey, which can yield clues to agricultural norms during the Iron Age. Photo by Cydney Scott.  Click here to see.