New research award from NSF

August 3rd, 2023in Award, Funding, News

PI Vasia Kalavri has received an NSF award to support her project "Scaling Graph Machine Learning Workloads on Modern Storage" for the next 3 years.

Paper accepted at USENIX Security ’23

June 9th, 2023in News, Publication

Our paper "TVA: A multi-party computation system for secure and expressive time series analytics", authored by Muhammad Faisal, Jerry Zhang, John Liagouris, Vasiliki Kalavri, and Mayank Varia, was accepted for publication at USENIX Security '23. TVA is a multi-party computation system for secure analytics on secret-shared time series data that achieves... More

Vasia Kalavri is a co-recipient of the ACM SIGMOD’23 Systems Award

May 29th, 2023in Award, News

The SIGMOD Systems Award is awarded to an individual or set of individuals to recognize the development of a software or hardware system whose technical contributions have had significant impact on the theory or practice of large-scale data management systems. This year the award recognizes Apache Flink, which greatly expanded... More

CASPLab at NSDI’23

April 20th, 2023in News, Talk

This week, at the USENIX NSDI'23 conference in Boston, we presented SECRECY and released the code as open source. Check it out! We also presented work-in-progress projects during the poster session.

CASPLab members present posters at NEDB Day 2023

March 11th, 2023in News

CASPLab students and faculty participated in the North East Database Day 2023 conference with three posters: 1. Emmanouil Kritharakis, Po Hao Chen, Yuchen Lu,Vasiliki Kalavri. "Scaling GNN training to billion-edge graphs on a single machine" 2. Muhammad Faisal,  Vasiliki Kalavri, John Liagouris, Mayank Varia. "Towards a scalable generic MPC framework with configurable guarantees" 3.Yuanli... More

Autoscaling research makes its way into Apache Flink

March 3rd, 2023in News, Research

The latest Apache Flink Kubernetes Operator release includes an autoscaler component based on the OSDI'18 paper "Three steps is all you need: fast, accurate, automatic scaling decisions for distributed streaming dataflows" co-authored by Vasiliki Kalavri and John Liagouris. We are glad to see our research impact and very grateful to... More

CASP receives Red Hat Collaboratory Research Incubation Awards

January 27th, 2023in Award, Funding, News

We are grateful to the BU Red Hat Collaboratory for the following 2023 Research Incubation Awards: 1. Towards high performance and energy efficiency in open-source stream processing (PIs: Vasiliki Kalavri, Jonathan Appavoo) 2. Serverless Streaming Graph Analytics (PI: Vasiliki Kalavri) Read the full announcement here.

Multiple open positions for PhD students and postdocs

October 6th, 2022in News

The CASP Systems lab has multiple open positions for PhD students and postdocs. We invite applications from strong candidates who are interested in scalable data stream processing, systems for large-scale graph analysis and machine learning, and systems for privacy-preserving data analytics. To apply for a PhD position, submit your materials by... More