Category: Funding

New research awards from NSF and Bosch

CASP lab receives two new research awards:   A gift from Bosch GmbH to support our research on privacy-preserving data processing systems. A SaTC Core Medium award from NSF (#2209194). The award will support our research on secure outsourced analytics in untrusted clouds for the next 4 years. We are grateful for the support!

Shengyao Luo joins CASP Systems with Summer’22 UROP award

Shengyao (Jax) Luo is joining the CASP Systems lab this summer, after being awarded a UROP grant. Jax’s project, “Monitoring and improving energy consumption in stream data processing”, aims to curate and publish a unique data set of fine-grained time-series energy and performance data for streaming workloads.

CASP receives three Research Incubation Awards from the Red Hat Collaboratory

Our research lab has received three Research Incubation Awards from the BU Red Hat Collaboratory: 1. Towards high performance and energy efficiency in open-source stream processing (PIs: Vasiliki Kalavri, Jonathan Appavoo) 2. Serverless Streaming Graph Analytics (PI: Vasiliki Kalavri) 3. Secure cross-site analytics on OpenShift logs (PI: John Liagouris) Read the full announcement here.

Industry awards from Google and Samsung

We are delighted to announce two recent industry gifts CASP Lab received: A 2021 Data Acquisition, Processing and Analysis (DAPA) Award by Google to continue our work on self-managed stream processing systems, understanding the characteristics of streaming state access workloads, and designing workload-aware streaming state stores. A Samsung Memory Solutions Lab award to support our […]

Hariri FRP Proposal Award

We are delighted to announce that our Focused Research Program Proposal “Continuous Analysis of Mobile Health Data among Medically Vulnerable Populations” has been selected by the Hariri Institute for Computing for an award. The proposal was led by co-PIs Dr. Nicole Spartano, Dr. Lisa Quantiliani, and Dr. Vasiliki Kalavri, and championed by Dr. Honghuang Lin, […]