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Autoscaling research makes its way into Apache Flink

The latest Apache Flink Kubernetes Operator release includes an autoscaler component based on the OSDI’18 paper “Three steps is all you need: fast, accurate, automatic scaling decisions for distributed streaming dataflows” co-authored by Vasiliki Kalavri and John Liagouris. We are glad to see our research impact and very grateful to the Flink community for seeing […]

Showan’s work was accepted for presentation at the EuroSys Doctoral Workshop (EuroDW 2021)

Showan’s submission “Toward Workload-Aware State Management in Streaming Systems” was accepted for presentation at the 15th EuroSys Doctoral Workshop (EuroDW 2021). Here’s the abstract: Modern streaming systems rely on persistent KV stores to perform stateful processing on data streams. Although the choice of the state store is crucial for the system’s performance, there has been […]

Secrecy: New preprint available

In out latest work, we study the problem of composing and optimizing relational query plans under secure multi-party computation (MPC). MPC enables mutually distrusting parties to jointly compute arbitrary functions over private data, while preserving data privacy from each other and from external entities. We have released a new preprint on the arxiv, where we […]