Hariri FRP Proposal Award

We are delighted to announce that our Focused Research Program ProposalContinuous Analysis of Mobile Health Data among Medically Vulnerable Populations has been selected by the Hariri Institute for Computing for an award. The proposal was led by co-PIs Dr. Nicole Spartano, Dr. Lisa Quantiliani, and Dr. Vasiliki Kalavri, and championed by Dr. Honghuang Lin, Dr. Vijaya Kolachalama, and Dr. John Liagouris.

During this one-year program, Vasiliki Kalavri and John Liagouris will be leading the Thrust on Cloud and Streaming Data Infrastructure. We will be designing data infrastructure spanning computing resources on decentralized edge devices and on the Cloud, using stream processing technology to facilitate continuous machine learning training and inference. Further, we will be exploring how Secrecy, our system for collaborative secure analytics, can enable queries on private digital health data across geo-distributed Clouds.

Visit our project website to read more about the proposed research and stay up to date with our upcoming events.