Instructional Videos

Intro to i2b2:
To learn more about how to use the BMC-i2b2 web client, a 14 minute introductory video is avaliable. Click on the image below to view the tutorial.

Navigating Ontologies:
To learn the various ways to navigate through the ontologies, click on the video below.


Intro to an i2b2 HOME Cell Query:
To learn more about how to build and execute an i2b2 HOME Cell query watch the tutorial below. In this query we are looking for anyone who has a BMI greater than 30 and has had a primary care visit.


Intro to the MHDR and HOME Cell:
To learn more about the MHDR and specialized software called the Health Outcome Monitoring and Evaluation (HOME) Cell, a 26 minute overview video is available. Click on the image below to view the MHDR and HOME Cell Overview video.

i2b2 Data Transformation:
A brief intro to: 1) processes used to transform data in the source clinical systems into BU-i2b2; and 2) the star schema used for i2b2 is available below.