Welcome to BU-i2b2.  The “Informatics for Integrating Biology with the Bedside (i2b2)” Platform at Boston University is supported by researchers at Boston University and its Clinical and Translational Science Institute (BU-CTSI). Our primary focus is on the use of de-identified electronic health data to better understand and improve the health of the residents of Boston and to develop new tools and approaches to support the effective use of i2b2 with its broader community.

i2b2 is composed of multiple interconnected software modules (called “cells”) that support a broad range of functions including data storage, concept mapping (ontologies), and data analysis.  Data are stored in a de-identified format, with obscured dates and counts to protect patient privacy while supporting the needs of clinical, public health, and translational researchers.  Users of BU-i2b2 can quickly perform aggregate data queries for patients who receive care at Boston Medical Center, themselves, using the BMC-i2b2 web client.  With IRB and Executive Director approval they may also use i2b2 to explore data that includes Boston Medical Center as well as Boston HealthNet Community Health Centers using the Massachusetts Health Disparities Repository (MHDR).  Data extracts are also available with the same approvals and can be used within a secure data workspace.  In addition we have developed a new software module called the “Health Outcome Monitoring and Evaluation (HOME) Cell”  that can be used to perform more complex temporal queries as well as training materials to support users in this effort.