Dr. Bryant’s courses:

2016- Current Topics in Pharmacological Sciences Seminar (GMS PM 810): Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, BUSM. I am Co-Director with Course Director, Dr. Rachel L. Flynn.

2014- Dental Pharmacology (SDM MD 530): I served as Co-Director in 2015 along with the Course Director, Dr. Richard Wainford, Ph.D. I give a yearly, two-hour lecture on Opioid Pharmacology and team teach with Dr. Carol Walsh in a one-hour Integrated Problem Session Discussion.

2014- Systems Pharmacology (GMS PM 801): I give a yearly, two-hour lecture on opioids. Dr. Benjamin Wolozin is the Course Director.

2014- Molecular Neurobiology and Pharmacology II (GMS PM 702): Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. I give a yearly two-hour lecture on pharmacogenomics. Dr. Vidhya Kumarsearan is the Course Director.

2013- Principles in Genetics and Genomics (GMS GE 701): Graduate Program in Genetics and
Genomics. I give two, two-hour lectures on mouse genetics that covers both quantitative
And molecular genetics. Dr. Shoumita Dasgupta is the Course Director.

2013- Disease and Therapy (DRx 1) Foundations Module (MED MS 220-226): I run two, two-hour discussion section that involves reviewing problem sets on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Dr. Carol Walsh is the Course Director.

2012- Frontiers in Neuroscience (NE500-501): Graduate Program in Neuroscience. I run a discussion section every other year where the students present my research. Dr. Shelley J. Russek is the Course Director.