2022 BRITE REU Students Present at ABRCMS

All ten of the 2022 BU BRITE REU students were selected to present their research posters at the 2022 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students.


Payton Bock
Research Project: Analysis of Brain Hippocampus Single Nuclei RNA Sequencing in Mixed Dementia Patients

Josh Bowers
Research Project: Validation of the PEcAn Terrestrial Ecosystem Forecast Using NASA SMAP Satellite Soil Moisture Observations

Ashley Eng
Research Project: Metabolic Modeling of Soil Acidobacteriota Improves with Custom Resource Inputs

Giselle Hidalgo
Research Project: Finding De Novo Tandem Repeats Using VNTRseek

Angela Jiang
Research Project: Bored in a Changing Climate: Ocean Acidification and Boring Sponge Impact on Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) Gene Expression

Cecilia McCormick
Research Project: A Spatial Analysis of the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Niche in Mice Fetal Liver

Laila Norford
Research Project: Spatiotemporal Patterns of RNA-binding Protein Gene Expression in the Developing Embryonic Mouse Brain

Hannah O'Grady
Research Project: Using Space-for-Time to Understand the Empirical Dynamics of Tropical Rainforests

Julia Schulte
Research Project: Compressing DNA Read Sequences to Reduce Database Size

My My Tran
Research Project: Modeling Protein-Protein Interactions using Co-fractionation Mass Spectrometry (CF/MS) Data


Nine of the 2021 BU BRITE REU students were selected to present their research posters at the 2021 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students.



All nine students presented:

Zoe Barinaga
Research Project: Optimizing Feature Selection in High Dimensional RNA seq Data

Jorge Lopez-Nava
Research Project: Simulating Nitrogen Interactions Within Microbial Communities from Metagenome Assembled Genomes (MAGs) and Genome-Scale Metabolic Models (GEMs)

Madeline Hughes
Research Project: A Pipeline for Constructing a 3D Coordinate Map of PMCs In Developing Embryos

Ryan Hernandez-Cancela
Research Project: Fine-Mapping Genetic Loci showing Novel Associations with Incident Cardiovascular Disease in Type 2 Diabetes

Noah Fields
Research Project: Identifying Possible Variable Number of Tandem Repeats (VNTRs) Using Read Mapping Coverage

Sara Filler
Research Project: Testing the accuracy and speed of VNTRseek, a genetic variation detector, using a restricted read dataset

Victor Feagins
Research Project: Automatic Pipeline for Estimating Normalized Difference Vegetation Index

Anika Rueppell
Research Project: Secondary Analysis of Host Lung Microbiome Interactions with Tuberculosis

Miguel Yanez
Research Project: Characterizing alternative first exons from stem cells and cardiomyocytes



All eight of the 2019 BU BRITE REU students were selected to present their research posters at ABRCMS 2019 (Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students) in Anaheim, California. Congratulations!

The following seven students attended.

Briana Hackos,  "An Automated Pipeline for Nitrogen-cycling Gene Abundance Analysis"

Blessing Ibe, "The Effect of APOE Gene SNPs on Brain Tissue Specific Gene Expression"

Nebiyou Kebede, "Assessment of RSubread Using Mock Community Microbiome Data"

Aubrey Odom, "The TBSignatureProfiler: A Novel R Package for Comparing Tuberculosis Gene Expression Signatures"

Nofal Ouardaoui, "The PM Map – A Proteomic and Metabolomic Data Visualization Network"

Corinna Pilcher, "Lunar Phase, Hour of the Day, and Seasonal Temperature Drive Symbiont C. goreaui Differential Expression in A. millepora Coral Host"

Eric Sinton, "Analyzing Lung Cancer Cell Subtypes with CELDA"


All ten of the 2018 BU BRITE REU were selected to present their research posters at ABRCMS 2018 (Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students). Congratulations!

Kathryn Atherton, "Can we predict the presence of pathogenic bacteria in soils?"

Luke Dramko, "Iterative Near-Term Ecological Forecasting: Applications to Land-Atmosphere CO2 Fluxes"

Katherine Duchinski,  " Single Copy VNTR Identification"

Adam Lewis, "Enhancement of the Single Cell Toolkit (SCTK)"

Olivia Marx, "Glycoproteomic Data Quality and Similarity in Influenza A Virus Variants"

Michelle Patino Calero, "Correcting for Environmental Factors in Microbiome Wide Association Studies"

Mia Price, "The Application of V-Net in Identifying Primary Mesenchyme Cells in Sea Urchin Embryo Scans"

Rahul Ramesh, "Tackling Indistinguishable TR’s and Verifying the Accuracy of VNTRseek"

Spencer Richman, "A Computational Pipeline for Creating Small Molecule Metabolite Mass Spectral Libraries"

Alyssa Taylor, "Association of variant Apolipoprotein E (ApoE) alleles to decline in cognitive function with aging demonstrated through network modeling"


2018 Summer Social Events

Students participate in weekly social events set-up by the department. Below are a few of the events that have taken place this summer.


June 13th, Boston Duck Boat Tour


June 20th, Room Escapers


July 12th, Boston Aquarium




All ten of the 2017 BU BRITE REU students have been selected to present their research posters at ABRCMS 2017 (Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students). Congratulations!

Edel Aron,
"Identification of Potential Causal Variants on Type II Diabetes Associated Loci through Fine-Mapping"

Drew Ferrell, "Tandem Repeats Annotation and Enrichment Analysis"

Maddy Griswold, "Determination of Nucleotide Location Using Hydroxyl Radicals"

Will Herbert, "Predicting microbial community function from 16s rRNA sequencing via Random Forest"

Rowan Ogilvie, "Database for the Analysis of Peak Regions"

Albert Okundaye, "Investigating the Performance of a Genetic Variation Detection Program, VNTRseek"

Brianna Richardson, "The Story in the Stomach: the Statistical Analysis of Gut Microbe Communities in Inflammatory Bowel Disease"

Christopher Rodriguez, "u-DROP and DAFD: Tools for Microfluidic Droplet Generation Analysis"

Jacquelyn Turcinovic, "Metrics for Quantifying Differences in Influenza A Virus Hemagglutinin Site-specific Glycosylation"

Kyndall Tyler, "Understanding Cognitive Dysfunction for Early Identification"


We are no longer accepting applications for the 2018 BRITE REU at Boston University.

2016 BRITE REU Students Presenting at ABRCMS!

Seven students from the 2016 BRITE REU program and one additional student researcher from this past summer were selected to present their posters at ABRCMS 2016 (Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students). Congratulations!

Elsa Fecke, "Glioblastoma subtype classification using machine learning algorithms"

Sunny Mahesh, "Double Dutch v2.0: Synthetic-Biology Part-Library-Optimization Tool for Gene Expression"

Graham Kulig, "High Throughput Phenotyping of E. coli Growth and Extracellular pH"

Seth MacDonald, "Locating a phosphate mimic using chemo-informatics on HADSF active sites"

Michael Hasson, “A Simulation Program to Examine Bacterial Colony Metabolism”

LeAnna Cates, “Understanding variation in microbial community composition across time and space”

John Scaduto, "SIMD Bit-Parallel Tandem Alignment”

Harsh Dedhiya, “Bit-Parallel Methods in a GPU Setting to Improve Longest Common Subsequence and Edit-Distance Alignment Algorithms”