2016 BRITE REU Students Presenting at ABRCMS!

Seven students from the 2016 BRITE REU program and one additional student researcher from this past summer were selected to present their posters at ABRCMS 2016 (Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students). Congratulations!

Elsa Fecke, “Glioblastoma subtype classification using machine learning algorithms”

Sunny Mahesh, “Double Dutch v2.0: Synthetic-Biology Part-Library-Optimization Tool for Gene Expression”

Graham Kulig, “High Throughput Phenotyping of E. coli Growth and Extracellular pH”

Seth MacDonald, “Locating a phosphate mimic using chemo-informatics on HADSF active sites”

Michael Hasson, “A Simulation Program to Examine Bacterial Colony Metabolism”

LeAnna Cates, “Understanding variation in microbial community composition across time and space”

John Scaduto, “SIMD Bit-Parallel Tandem Alignment”

Harsh Dedhiya, “Bit-Parallel Methods in a GPU Setting to Improve Longest Common Subsequence and Edit-Distance Alignment Algorithms”

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