Nine of the 2021 BU BRITE REU students were selected to present their research posters at the 2021 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students.



All nine students presented:

Zoe Barinaga
Research Project: Optimizing Feature Selection in High Dimensional RNA seq Data

Jorge Lopez-Nava
Research Project: Simulating Nitrogen Interactions Within Microbial Communities from Metagenome Assembled Genomes (MAGs) and Genome-Scale Metabolic Models (GEMs)

Madeline Hughes
Research Project: A Pipeline for Constructing a 3D Coordinate Map of PMCs In Developing Embryos

Ryan Hernandez-Cancela
Research Project: Fine-Mapping Genetic Loci showing Novel Associations with Incident Cardiovascular Disease in Type 2 Diabetes

Noah Fields
Research Project: Identifying Possible Variable Number of Tandem Repeats (VNTRs) Using Read Mapping Coverage

Sara Filler
Research Project: Testing the accuracy and speed of VNTRseek, a genetic variation detector, using a restricted read dataset

Victor Feagins
Research Project: Automatic Pipeline for Estimating Normalized Difference Vegetation Index

Anika Rueppell
Research Project: Secondary Analysis of Host Lung Microbiome Interactions with Tuberculosis

Miguel Yanez
Research Project: Characterizing alternative first exons from stem cells and cardiomyocytes


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