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Interview #17

She was 9-months-pregnant when her husband was jailed. With the fear of being prosecuted after her husband, she could not even feel being a mother. Raising her daughter without her husband now, she knows she has to be strong and she waits for the time her husband will be released.

Interview #03

Story of a government employee who was jailed for 10 months for having a messaging app on her phone. She talks about her time in jail, how her two sons were affected from the events and how they decided to take the big risk of fleeing the country after she was released. At the time […]

Interview #23

Story of a 45-year-old academic who was later dismissed from her position. Experiencing the oppressive environment of Februray 28 post-modern coup as a headscarved college student, she sees the current situation more traumatizing with heavy polarization and otherization in the society. She does not want to associate herself with the current oppressive regime and does […]

Interview #24

Story of a 75-year-old Kurdish woman, the witness of past coups, the mother of seven children who suffered from the post-coup persecutions to the deepest. With a brother who was arrested in the 1980’s coup, she still finds the 2016’s failed-coup more devastating with her sons and daughters being either dismissed, detained, or imprisoned. In her […]

Interview #27

Story of a teacher who gave birth to twins four days after the coup attempt. Facing her neighbor’s insults and being called “traitor”, over time it became more and more difficult to resist the pressure around her family. After moving from one place to another to start a new life, eventually, they had to accept […]