Month: April 2021

Interview #37

In this story, you will meet a young girl who never had to work, ride public transportation by herself, or pay a bill in her whole life until her parents and siblings had to flee the country. She shares the challenges she faced while living in Turkey all alone and how she crossed the Mexican […]

Interview #12

She wouldn’t know that her last birthday in Turkey would be the beginning of unprecedented events and a new life for her and her son in a foreign country. While debating herself to leave behind her husband imprisoned or taking her son to a safer country, she didn’t know that her husband had already seen […]

Interview #09

Neither hundreds of cockroaches around her nor sharing a 26-bed capacity cell with 70 other women devastated her. With no clock in the cell, she and her cellmates made their own sun clock by using the sunbeams coming through the small windows of their cell. Only then could they figure out the time and start […]