IPA Student Awards

The IPA has established a support mechanism for its student members participating in IPA-sponsored conferences to present their research – the IPA Student Awards. Three such awards are available to student members of the IPA attending the Speech Prosody 2016 conference. These awards will take the form of a reimbursement of the student registration fee.

Applications for these awards are now invited from student IPA members who are presenting their work at Speech Prosody 2016 (as either a paper or a poster). In accordance with the IPA scheme, applications are also invited from unemployed members of the IPA, members under 35, and members from low-income-level countries. (Read about IPA grants here.)

Applications should be sent to the IPA Secretary at [ secretary @ internationalphoneticassociation.org ] by midnight (AoE) *6th May*. Please enter “Speech Prosody 2016 Student Award Application” in the subject line.

Applications should consist of a front sheet itemising the name/address/affiliation/IPA membership number of the applicant, together with the 4pp paper which has been accepted by the conference:

  • The paper may be singly-authored or co-authored with one or more other researchers. The submitted version should bear full authorship and affiliation details
  • Members who have previously received an IPA Award for a previous conference are not excluded from applying for an award for Speech Prosody 2016.

Applications will be considered by a small selection committee set up by the IPA for this particular purpose, and the outcomes will be announced by 23rd May.

Award recipients should pay their registration as normal and the awardees would be reimbursed once they have provided the IPA Treasurer with a receipt for their registration fee and a photo of them at the conference, which the IPA will post to its Facebook site following the conference.

(For information about the SP2016 student/post-doc work discount, please visit this page.)