Instructions for Presenters

Speech Prosody 2016 will consist of oral sessions and poster sessions. Please see below for general presentation guidelines. (More detailed instructions will be provided in the coming weeks.)

Talk guidelines

Talks will be 15 minutes long, followed by 5 minutes for questions. Slide presentations will need to be presented via the conference-provided computer. Slides (in Powerpoint or pdf format) will therefore need to be uploaded in advance of the conference. The deadlines and instructions for this will be announced closer to the conference. (Note: if your paper has been accepted as part of a special session, there may be adjustments to the time limits for  oral presentations. The organizers of the special sessions will be in contact with you directly.)

Poster guidelines

The space for each poster will consist of an area of 4 feet by 4 feet (48 x 48 inches or just under about 122 cm x 122 cm). Authors may choose to have posters printed in either landscape or portrait orientation, but of dimensions that can be completely contained in the square. (A few examples of standard poster dimensions that would fit this space include: 36″ x 42″ or  48″ x 42″ or 48″ x 36″.) Push pins will be provided to affix posters to the boards. Poster presenters will be assigned to an attended poster session of one hour either in the morning or the afternoon on a given day, but posters will be up for that entire day.

We are pleased to be able to facilitate an option for local poster printing and delivery through PhD Posters. Posters ordered through their website by Friday, May 27th can be delivered to the conference registration desk the morning of Tuesday, May 31st at no extra cost. (Poster prices start at $34.95, with an additional charge of $2.99 for tube packaging.)

Remote presentation

At Speech Prosody 2016, we will be offering various opportunities for remote participation, both in the more usual ways (telecasting a remote talk, live streaming the talks to a remote audience) and in some novel ways. In particular, we will be able to host a small group of poster presenters who will be available to discuss their findings by Skype and a small group of poster audience members who will roam the poster space embodied in telepresence robots.

Costs for remote participation will be the same as the regular registration fees.

If you are interested in being considered as a remote presenter, please send an email to speechprosody2016 (at) gmail (dot) com with “APPLICATION FOR REMOTE PRESENTER” and “ORAL” or “POSTER” in the subject line. We will be accepting applications in the order that they are received and will close applications by March 1st. We will notify you by March 8th.

If you are not presenting, but are interested in remote audience participation, please also send us an email with an APPLICATION FOR REMOTE AUDIENCE.

In addition, to benefit all Speech Prosody 2016 participants, we will be hosting pre-recorded poster presentations available before the conference begins, about which more information will be distributed shortly.

page updated: February 24, 2016