Directions to on-campus housing

Getting to the Student Village, 10 Buick Street, Boston, from Logan Airport:

Taxi: A taxi should cost between $30 and $40 depending on traffic, etc.

Subway: The MBTA train, or “T”, as it is known locally, stops more or less right in front of 10 Buick Street. There are several different T routes to get to 10 Buick Street from the airport. Maybe simplest is as follows:

• From Logan Airport, take the Silver Line SL1 shuttle from your terminal to the Red Line (the different T lines are identified by color) at South Station.

• Take an *inbound* Red Line train from the South Station subway station two stops to Park Street station.

• Change to the Green Line outbound platform and take a Boston College (B) train. (There are several different Green Line trains, labelled B, C , D, and E. There was an A once too, but it closed in 1969.) This will be underground for a while, and then will pass aboveground through the center of BU campus (and past the conference venue). Get off at the Saint Paul Street stop.

• The street you have been traveling along is Commonwealth Avenue. Once you get off, you want to cross to the North side of the street. (On your right, if you are facing in the direction your train was headed), and then walk north along Buick Street, which intersects Commonwealth right at the T stop. The Student Village dorm at 10 Buick Street is on your left, partway down the street.