Student Research

Every student has his/her own page for research. Students should use their pages to construct a multimedia annotated bibliography on their chosen topic. Student research pages should be continually updated and expanded throughout the semester. Instructions and resources can be found on the Student Resources page of my Guided History site.

Find below a list of some helpful resources for student research on revolutionary Russia (and primary sources for your presentations).

General Russian History Research Resources

      Published Anthologies of Relevant Primary Sources

      • Katerina Clark et. al. eds., Soviet Culture and Power: A History in Documents, 1917-1953 (Yale UP, 2007).
      • Jonathan Daly and Leonid Trofimov eds., Russia in War and Revolution, 1914-1922: A Documentary History (Hackett, 2009).
      • Mark Steinberg and Vladimir Khrustalev eds., The Fall of the Romanovs: Political Dreams and Personal Struggles in a Time of Revolution (Yale UP, 1997).
      • Mark Steinberg ed., Voices of Revolution, 1917 (Yale UP, 2003).
      • Sheila Fitzpatrick and Yuri Slezkine eds., In the Shadow of Revolution: Life Stories of Russian Women from 1917 to the Second World War (Yale UP, 2000).
      • Ronald Grigor Suny, The Structure of Soviet History: Essays and Documents 2nd ed. (Oxford UP, 2013).
      • Robert Paul Browder and Alexander F. Kerensky eds., The Russian Provisional Government: Documents vols. 1-3 (Stanford UP, 1961).
      • Martin McCauley ed., The Russian Revolution and the Soviet State: Documents (MacMillan, 1975).
      • Robert Weinberg and Laurie Bernstein eds., Revolutionary Russia: A History in Documents (Oxford UP, 2011).
      • Jeffrey Brooks and Georgiy Chernyavskiy eds., Lenin and the Making of the Soviet State: A Brief History with Documents (Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2007).

      A Few Websites with Relevant Primary Sources


      Student Research Sites

      Jenna Abbot

      Amal Chandaria

      Tao (Oscar) He

      Kara Korab

      Agatha Leach

      Kaitlyn McDonald

      Griffin Monahan

      Pamela Orlowska

      Emmalee Ortega

      Nicholas Richardson

      Katherine E. Ruiz-Díaz

      Karine Ter-Grigoryan