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Digital Science Dimensions Badge

Do you know how many of your publications are scientifically influential? BU Profiles now displays NEW metrics that show the influence of each of your publications using a NEW Dimensions citations badge. Hovering the cursor over this badge for each article also reveals its recent citations within the last two calendar years, its Field Citation […]

Academic Networks

In the academic world networking was, and often still is, mediated through a mentor or other superior. Collaborative opportunities often come through mutual projects or existing networks already established through your mentor. Often these networks, constructed slowly over time through common work, can be narrowly focused on subject matter that may be limited in diversity […]

LinkedIn SlideShare for Academics

Using LinkedIn SlideShare for Tracking and Assessing Your Research and Education Influence               Faculty and trainees doing research should use a variety of metrics to track and assess his/her “research influence” using a mix of (1) traditional and (2) social media metrics (altmetrics). Likewise, faculty educators who develop instructional modules and innovative teaching models should also […]

Is the h-index right for you?

Author-level metrics that investigators could select include total publication count, first-author publication count, and median and mean citations per publication. Remember that the mean citation per article metric can be significantly skewed and the median citations per publication metric can be low, due to a long tail of papers that are cited a few times, […]



Daily, Alternative Research Metrics (Altmetrics) are generating real-time evidence of an investigator’s research influence through social media. Alternative Research Metrics help you as an researcher to better understand how and where your scholarship is being discussed, shared, integrated, and adopted by scholars and, most notably, the public. It is this public engagement information that universities […]

A New Blog at BU — Research Networking

Welcome to the BU Research Networking Blog. As Faculty Lead for Research Networking (RN) at BU, I have started this Blog to educate people by sending out occasional posts about the new and exciting RN activities at BU and in the scientific community. If you are new to Research Networking then you might be interested […]

The VIVO Standard

Electronic Research Networking (RN) tools use a variety of approaches to structure, organize, display, and share core data about individual researchers obtained from a wide range of sources. One example is VIVO, which was first devised, developed, and implemented at Cornell, but more importantly, it is an open source semantic web platform which has evolved […]