Social Networking Resources

Social Networking Resources in BU Profiles

Use Social Media Applications to communicate the findings and implications of medical/scientific research. Don’t wait for your latest paper to be read by your peers, instead tell others about it in your words by using tools that provide a quick and easy way to share your unique knowledge, expertise and perspective with your colleagues and the public.

Social Media Apps (Web 2.0 Applications) available on BU Profiles:

BU Profiles provides three Social Media Apps: Twitter, Slide Share & YouTube. These apps enable you to share your professional output, expertise, ideas, thoughts and perspective with a larger and more diverse audience. Social Media Apps can enhance the speed and efficiency of the scientific translation process and optimize dissemination of new knowledge, expertise and know-how. They make it easier for potential academic or industry collaborators as well as students and trainees to find and contact you after learning about your interests, expertise and contributions to science.