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Carrie J. Preston dancing the closing section or kiri from the noh play Hagoromo. Courtesy of David Surtasky.

Carrie J. Preston is Associate Professor of English and Director of Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies at Boston University. Preston’s Modernism’s Mythic Pose: Gender, Genre, Solo Performance (Oxford, 2011) won the De La Torre Bueno Prize for a book in dance studies. Articles have appeared in Modernism/modernity, Theatre Journal, Twentieth-Century Literature, and Modernist Cultures. She is chair of interdisciplinary approaches for the Modernist Studies Association.

Preston’s research for Learning to Kneel was generously supported by a 2009 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Postdoctoral Research Grant, which allowed her to becoming a visiting researcher at Hosei University and to take lessons with noh master, Furukawa Mitsuru-sensei. Many additional opportunities for international research and study were supported by a Peter Paul Career Development Professorship (2007-2010). The Boston University Center for Humanities awarded her a fellowship in 2011 and also supported Learning to Kneel with a Publication Production Award in 2015.

Preston was particularly gratified to be awarded the 2015 United Methodist Church Scholar-Teacher of the Year Award.

Web Design

Nicole Rizzo


Nicole Rizzo is a rising sophomore in CAS and KHC majoring in English and minoring in Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. Rizzo is a member of Wandering Minds and the BU Shakespeare Society. She would like to thank UROP, the BU Arts Initiative, and Professor Preston for making such an exceptional interdisciplinary modernist research experience possible.

Special thanks to Jaho King for her invaluable knowledge about web design.

Assistance with Clips

David Crandall

Pagoda Program Shots

David Crandall began studying noh chant and dance in 1979 with noh master Sano Hajime of the Hosho school. In 1986 he was admitted as an apprentice at the Hosho Noh Theater in Tokyo, studying with the previous head of the Hosho school, Hosho Fusateru, and working on a professional level until moving to Seattle in 1991. While working as a noh performer and workshop lecturer, Mr. Crandall has also been active as a composer and playwright, with an output that includes instrumental pieces, noh-inspired dance dramas, film scores,  children’s musicals, and English-language chamber pieces that adapt traditional noh plays for performance by small ensembles.

Film Production

Casey Preston

Casey Preston Headshot

Casey Preston is a Boston based videographer and sound recordist with the experience and equipment required for nearly all forms of web-based media production. He completed the digital filmmaking program at the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts in 2011. Casey has worked primarily on corporate and event videography, and he alternates between DP and location sound for small crew independent film and new media, including the award winning web-series “Holding.” As a filmmaker, Casey has tackled all aspects production, from script writing to color correction and scoring.