Working Papers


  •   An Axiomatic Approach to the Law of Small Numbers, joint with Fernando Payro [pdf]  revised 06/23  

  •   Intuitive Priors   revised 08/21

            working paper [pdf] (this paper supercedes Intuitive Beliefs [pdf]) 

  • Constrained Optimal Discounting, joint with N. Takeoka 

           working paper [pdf], online appendix [pdf] revised 02/23   

  •  Delay Functions as the Foundations of Time Preference: Testing for Separable Discounted Utility, joint with Keith Marzilli Ericson

           working paper [pdf]   revised 04/22

  • Compensated Discount Functions: An Experiment, joint with A. Ambrus, T. Asgeirsdottir and L. Sandor  (R&R at Games and Economic Behavior)

          working paper [pdf] revised 03/15


last updated 06/23